We provide high end, direct-to-garment printing services. All orders are printed and processed by hand, in house. This makes each item individual in its own right.
Along with our base stock of both adult and children's unisex t-shirts, we have access to over 80 different products, including pull over hoodies, zip up hoodies, men's and women's t-shirts, bags, tea towels, aprons and face masks.
We provide in house design services which allow us to achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to your print. Have a project in mind? Always wanted to start your own clothing brand? Simply have a great idea for a tee that you can't seem to find anywhere else? Drop us a message. Our advice is free and we are always happy to provide quotes for artwork.
With over 20 years experience in delivering marketing and advertising materials under our belts, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your product. Talk to us, aside from print, it is what we do best. A simple social media campaign or whole new market place of your own - the chances are we've done it before and we can help you too.
Packing and storing products can sometimes prove costly and unmanagable. We want to make that easy for you. We have the facility to pack and send direct to your customers.
One of our main aims for Cotton Arcade was to build lasting relationships with like minded folks. So if you're an illustrator or designer looking to dip a toe in to the 'merch' market or even just print a few tees to swan around town in, then just get in touch.

Talk to us, our advice is free and we're here to help.